Thursday, 21 September 2017

Latest news

Well its been a long time since i last posted on here , 2017 has been the most eventful year in over 40 years , i took the decision to close our Southport shop , this was due to personal life changes , we had our most successful times in recent years with the handmade commissions exceeding all expectations and becoming the main area of business , it wasn't easy to uproot after building the business from scratch in southport from1986 till 2017 and since then  i have missed both southport and its people, i made many friends both through business and the vibrant local music scene. I have set up a workshop from my new home in Maidenhead where i can concentrate on one off commission work and my new designs. it was nice to get a write up in the local press

Please take a moment to check out the online shop clearance sale here , i will be adding items daily , there are plenty of real bargains and with christmas just around the corner why not save some money

please check out the website for new designs in the run up to xmas

Wednesday, 11 January 2012

I sell Jewellery !!!!!!

I have been told by a customer that a couple of local jewellers seem to be wrongly informing people that i only work on a commission basis and no longer sell jewellery to the general public, this is a fabrication and total mischief, it is a very poor way of behaving and is a sad reflection of how certain people resort to desperate measures to make a sale.
Please Note I sell modern design 9ct, 18ct and Silver Jewellery, Platinum jewellery we handmake ourselves. I carry a very good selection of jewellery stunning designs with prices from as little as £10 , we are always happy to advise regarding any jewellery matter, we have an onsite workshop and all of our manufacture and repair work is carried out by myself on the premises, i have recently started doing pearl stringing myself and we offer a basic pearl rethreading service to the public only.

2011 interestingly went by in a blink

From the lack of blog activity in 2011 you would be forgiven for thinking i had fallen asleep but far from it , we had a busy start to the new year and it continued through till the end of august, i was very busy with one off commissions, i had been designing and tinkering with new ideas for 2011/12 for most of the year and some of those ideas will be featured in the next couple of blog entries. From september onwards Southport was dragged into the retail recession and general jewellery sales slowed down, my one off designs and repair work continued to be busy right through xmas and that brings me to 2012, happy new year to you all.

Wednesday, 22 December 2010

As Promised a taster of My New Coloured Freshwater Pearl Collection

My latest design Bronze/Copper colour and white Freshwater Pearl Earrings and Pendant set, the Pearls are a disc shape (think smartie sweets) , they have a slightly baroque texture on the surface which makes for very interesting light and shade in the pearls natural iridescence , the attractive and fashionable copper/bronze colour is enhanced by a slight green cast seen best in daylight. They are my own original design and handmade in 9ct yellow Gold , i can make them in 18ct to order. This 9ct gold set are priced separately at £235.00 for the earrings and £235.00 for the pendant and 16" chain. However the Pearls have been matched as closely as possible and if sold separately it is unlikely i will be able to find as good a match if you wish to add either at a later date.
I am introducing further designs and colours with disc, square and triangular shaped pearls soon.
if you are interested in this product please call 01704 544817 to reserve as all of my own designs tend to sell rapidly.

Saturday, 18 December 2010


Well its fun for the kids but plays havoc with everything else , probably the heaviest snow fall for over 10 years didnt dampen our spirits and although it is pretty bad on the roads it appears plenty of people have made an effort to get into town.
If you are out on the roads and intending to visit us have a safe journey .

Wednesday, 15 December 2010

New Jewellery for Christmas

We are pleased to announce that we have included the new FIORELLI Costume Jewellery range to both our Southport shop at 6 Bold street, and to our website
This is our first Costume Jewellery Range and comments from customers already purchasing from us have been extremely positive, the price points are extremely competitive starting at £9.95 to £49.95

We have been stocking the the successful FIORELLI Sterling Silver Range for several years since its introduction, and have the latest range on view at our shop.
Our Gold collections have all been revamped and we have sourced highly desirable up to the minute designs at amazingly affordable prices , this has been quite a task due to the increase in the world gold prices , but we feel we have found a balance of quality, design and affordability so that there is something available for all budgets.
It has continued to be a solid year for my own commission work with several 'important' pieces leaving my workshop, on the new design front for xmas i have put together a small range of coloured freshwater pearls mounted in gold , this range is for a limited amount of items , as each is handmade by myself on the premises , i shall post some pictures in my next blog.

Saturday, 27 February 2010

Spring Cleaning

Winters still hanging on, but spring is already threatening , so having got Valentines Day out of the way its time to clear away the cobwebs and put the finishing touches to my new ranges due out soon.
The gold price continues at its high level ,this has encouraged a lot of people to sell off their old or broken jewellery, sadly a lot of them have fallen prey to the 'get rich quick' telly selly 'gold buying scams' and the traders who set up in empty premises on short leases. Please dont lose out by falling for the glossy adverts or offers of 'free postage' or 'free appraisals' ( most jewellers will appraise the value of items for scrap free of charge anyway as part of an offer) , my advice is to visit as many jewellers as possible to get the best price, avoid postage gold scams who invariably offer appalling value ( some have been exposed in the press and by consumer groups as paying as little as £2 per gram for 9ct gold whilst the going rate at the time was £6/g )
And don't forget your scrap gold or old fashioned jewellery can often be melted down and redesigned into a fresh up to date item of jewellery.